Business Owners! There is an unprecedented demographic shift that will create tremendous opportunity and likely tremendous risk for business owners. The risk — your business valuation plummets because of the glut of businesses on the market. The opportunity — strategic growth, as good businesses can be scooped up for just a song.


Unless you plan to liquidate your business, your successful exit depends upon having a strong leadership team in place. If you choose to pursue growth, you’ll need a strong team to lead the way. If you choose to sell, they will either be your succession plan, taking over the business from you and buying you out, or they will need to represent your business effectively to a third party buyer.

Is your leadership team strong enough to deliver against your strategic goals, today and in the future?

Strong leadership teams deliver significantly better results, higher valuations, increased options on the sale of the business, and greater return to the stakeholders.

Their ability to run, grow and represent your business, profitably and sustainably, is often the single most important factor in the growth and the ultimate sale of a business.  And hey, it might even enhance your return on investment right now!

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