Your Leadership Playbook will give you a game plan for the company. It will include the strategic drivers for your business, the critical systems that need focus, and the training and development that will build your manager’s ability and competence… and your confidence.

Building Your Leadership Playbook

  1. Review your business goals and strategy. We need to understand the long term plans for the business and the strategic drivers that will get you there.
  2. Assess your selected leaders, looking specifically at the critical Management and Leadership competencies that will drive that business success.
  3. Build Your Leadership Playbook. Your Leadership Playbook might include customized training and development components that will drive the growth and development you need to see in your business to close the strategic and skills gaps and move the business forward.
  4. Build a Professional Development Playbook for each selected leader. The personalized playbook includes the individual roadmap for each leader, plus monthly recommended homework. Homework may include relevant reading assignments, action steps to improve your business today, and real-time synthesis of lessons learned to the strategic growth of the business.
  5. Map out the development over the next 12–18 months. Planning the schedule in advance provides a framework, sets expectations and drives continuity. Of course, as things change, we’ll make appropriate adjustments.
  6. Schedule accountability check-ins. These monthly check-ins keep your team on track and ensure the process is working the way we planned.
  7. Get Started!

Your leaders receive targeted development according to their Professional Development Playbook, building new skills, applying powerful tools and leveraging resources to improve performance and deliver results.

Ready to build your Leadership Playbook? Contact Abby Donnelly at (336) 458-9939 or Abby@LeadershipLegacyGroup.com.

You’ve invested in your business. Now invest in your future. It’s your time.