The Next Chapter RoadMap is our proprietary executive transition process, provides a powerful approach for discovering your meaningful and compelling ‘Next Chapter’.



  1. Rediscover your strengths — those you are aware of and use every day, and those that may have been dormant or underutilized. Discovering new ways to leverage these strengths can be incredibly rewarding.
  2. Uncover your hidden passions, breathing energy and life into your next phase of life. It’s your time.
  3. Define your lifestyle priorities at this stage in your life. Our life priorities at age 65 are different than at age 50, or 35. It’s time to update your life patterns and make them work for you today.

When we integrate these three components, you get a framework that begins to define what success looks like for you in your next phase of life.

At the pivot point in the process, you craft a communication piece that defines the contributions you want to make and the unique competitive advantage you bring. This sets up your conversations and exploration.  


Through a well-defined process of external exploration, you uncover new opportunities and build stronger, more influential relationships that move you from framework to outcomes. Most clients discover a whole new exciting world out there that is hungry to engage.

We won’t lie to you. It’s hard work. We’re going to challenge you to open up enough to examine and understand yourself more deeply and transparently, maybe in more detail than you ever have. The results… a more rewarding next phase than you ever dreamed of.

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