128 Tips to Make You a More Effective Leader:

Sixty Seconds a Day is All It Takes to Make Changes that Matter


With 128 Tips by Abby Donnelly, you can:

  • Get some clarity with your coffee
  • Take simple actions that cover a lot of ground
  • Press the reset button in the middle of your day
  • Flip through for the advice you need when you need it
  • Make improvements in the midst of chaos
  • Breathe easier as small habits usher in huge improvements
  • End your day with some inspiration for tomorrow

You have 1,440 minutes each day.Invest one of them. Be the leader you were meant to be.

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Ann zuraw president, zuraw financial advisors
As a business owner, the tips are inspiring and they motivate me to take action.
— Ann Zuraw, President of Zuraw Financial Advisors

Clear. Concise. Compelling. Reading and applying Abby’s wisdom will be the best sixty-seconds you spend all day. New and seasoned leaders alike will benefit from her simple and relevant wisdom served up in snack-sized portions.
— Rich Schlentz, Founder of EXTRAordinary! Inc.

This book boils down key ideas that we all need to be reminded of on a regular basis. But the key is taking ACTION on these ideas and each tip has an action step for you to take to make yourself a better leader.
— Darlene Leonard, Managing Partner at Smith Leonard PLLC

I enjoyed your new book. It is incredibly thoughtful and well thought out! Thank you!
— Will Stevens, President of Penn Properties

I found 128 Tips to be a wonderful primer for aspiring or current leaders to remember what is important to their development as well as the development of others. It is simply outstanding! Unlike the ‘10 Minute Manager’, which was popular years ago, the approach of snippets taking only 60 seconds per day is very smart! It’s priceless!
— Bob Braswell, CEO at Carolina Bank

Be a More Effective Leader. Get Started Today!