What to Expect

Expect to learn a lot—about who you are, what resources you have to work with, about your business strengths, your team strengths and areas of risk, and how to apply that to deliver even better results.

We take a strengths-based approach to development, meaning we will discover, highlight and leverage the strengths and assets you bring and we will work with you to leverage them to reach your full potential.

As your trusted advisor, we expect that you will have this experience working with us: Adapted from The Trusted Advisor, copyright D. Maister, C. Green and R. Galford. Used with permission.

  1. Seem to understand us, effortlessly, and like us.

  2. Are always working to help us see people, things, situations from a fresh perspective.

  3. Help us understand our options, give us their recommendation, and let us choose.

  4. Tell us what we need to hear, in a way that we can hear it. Correct us gently, lovingly.

  5. Help us think things through. It’s our decision.

  6. Don’t substitute their judgment for ours.

  7. Don’t panic or get overemotional. They stay calm.

  8. Help us think and separate our logic from our emotion.

  9. Give us reasoning (to help us think), not just their conclusion.

  10. Help us see our blind spots.

  11. Can be relied upon to tell us the truth.

  12. Are in it for the long haul. The relationship is more important than the current issue.

  13. Challenge our beliefs and assumptions (help us uncover what is not serving us)

  14. Make us feel comfortable (but take our issues seriously)

  15. Are reliably on our side, and always seem to have our interests at heart.

  16. Are always honorable (they don’t gossip or violate confidentiality. We trust their values)

  17. Help us put our issues in context, directly or through the use of metaphors or stories (few problems are truly unique)

  18. Are intuitive and smart (sometimes in ways we’re not).

Know that we will be your biggest advocate, guiding you to achieve the goals and priorities that matter most to you. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us!!

In return, we expect the following from you

  1. Come to your meetings prepared. Do all of the homework we assign you to the best of your ability (and there will be homework every meeting). If you don’t or can’t get it done, we will either work on it together or we will give you a new assignment. There are many ways to skin a cat. The homework should always feel like it adds value.

  2. We understand schedules change and there will be times when you will want or need to reschedule our meeting. We will do our best to reschedule you quickly, but we cannot guarantee that we can meet before your next regularly scheduled meeting.

  3. Be willing to share your perspective and experience openly with us. It will deepen our conversation and help us be of even greater value to you.

  4. Work with us to develop a course of action, philosophy, or belief system that works for you.

  5. Listen to our input, try it on for a little while and then make your own decision on how to proceed.

  6. Be in this for the long haul. Professional and personal change does not happen overnight. It will require hard work and you will have to step outside our comfort zone. Embrace it.

  7. Be open to different world views, beliefs, philosophies. Sometimes the biggest changes occur when you can see the world through a different lens.

  8. Challenge yourself. You are far more talented than any single situation or circumstance may cause you to feel.

  9. Professionalism: be honorable in all of your conversations and actions.

If you’re ready to get started, call us (336) 458-9939 or email: Abby@leadershiplegacygroup.com