We are selective. We work with a limited number of business owners and their key managers. Our typical client runs a $5MM to $60MM business with an annual professional development budget of at least $100K.

We work with leaders that are ready to do the work required, whether it's to strengthen management performance, or to plan their next chapter.

You have worked hard all of your life, built a strong business. You deserve to see your next 20+ years bring continued financial success and personal satisfaction. Partnering on that journey with you — that is what we’re passionate about.


We keep you focused on your long term goals and strategy. We’ll do a deep dive into your business and we take a good hard honest look at you. Most owners find this very stimulating and rewarding. Often it is the first time in their career they have received such deep objective insight into themselves and their organization. We consider it a great privilege to guide talented business owners and CEOs through this process.


The strengths and experience required to successfully exit a business are often different than those needed to build a business.

When we work with your key people, we focus on building their capability and capacity to manage and lead successfully. We strengthen their performance and build their confidence. We tell them what they need to hear and help them think through and make the best decisions for the business. And when they face challenges, we help them navigate them with confidence to deliver a more effective outcome.

As your leaders grow, conquering new challenges and seizing new opportunities, they expand their vision of what’s possible, and their breakthroughs lead to real measurable results to your bottom line.


Within 6 – 18 months of an exit, you now face a new phase of life where probably for the first time ever, your business will not be your primary focus.

While all of your friends and family are celebrating your soon to be new-found freedom, most owners and CEO’s, experience a time of great stress and uncertainty. Going from 60 mph to 0 is a major shift after a 40+ year career. 

We urge you not to squander the opportunity to figure out – IN ADVANCE – what will bring you meaning and purpose. Let us guide you through our proven Next Chapter RoadMap so you can begin to live into that meaningful and engaging new phase of life.

You've Invested in Your Business. Now Invest in Your Future. It's Your Time.

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