Many business owners tell us they don’t plan to ‘retire’, but they do want to reduce the risks associated with poor succession planning, and get a sufficient return on the business. They also want the freedom to work a reduced schedule over time. It’s time to invest if you are:

  • Stressed out just THINKING about the process of succession and exit.

  • Concerned about selling for enough money to adequately fund your retirement.

  • Annoyed about having to spend any time, energy or money on this vs. investing in the business!

  • Worried. You don’t know if your team can really run the business without you.

  • Anxious about the inevitable interpersonal and organizational changes that will occur as you work through a transition. Will your best employees stay?

  • Uncertain what role you want to play in the business over the next few years.

  • Uncomfortable letting your team run the business. You’re struggling with letting go.

  • Annoyed that your kids think they are ready to take over. You know they’re not. It’s causing tension in the family.

  • Stuck. Not exactly sure what to do.

  • Worried that you have really nothing meaningful and rewarding to look forward to.

  • Concerned about the impact of this transition on your identity, status in the community.

  • Anxious about the impact this change will have on your marriage, family, health.

  • Worn out, burned out, ready to slow down. Feeling a little guilty about wanting to go.

Most business owners have a small team of trusted advisors (CPA, Wealth Advisor, Attorney) they depend upon. They are experts in the financial side of your business, navigating tax law changes, planning for retirement, and more. What about improving management performance and developing your growth strategy.


We are a trusted advisor on these often intangible, sometimes challenging, strategic and leadership aspects of your business and life, especially important when navigating succession planning and exit strategy work.


What is it costing you to put this off? Probably more than you think.

We’ve heard all the excuses…You’re too busy. There’s no urgency. You don’t know how to start. Yep, we get it. This is hard. It’s new work. There is a lot of uncertainty in the process. It’s time to start. Even if it’s baby steps.

Most owners don’t start this process early enough or dive deep enough to get the kind of results they want. At the Leadership and Legacy Group, we keep you focused on a game plan to deliver what you want from the process. We guide you on the most effective strategies to deliver your desired outcome. This keeps you and your management team from losing momentum in the business or getting caught up in unnecessary distractions.

These are the kinds of challenges we are best at. There is never a charge to have a conversation, so let's talk.

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