Don’t assume the exit is the easy part. It isn’t. And don’t argue that you are never going to exit your business. You will. With a well-designed plan, you can exit on your terms. Without one, you will exit on someone else’s.

Nearly every successful business owner struggles with the shift in identity and the uncertainty that occurs with a change in role or ownership stake in the business. Many experience feelings of loss, dissatisfaction with the transition, and sometimes a seemingly sudden lack of confidence in their successor’s ability to run the business, despite the capability of the successor. 

Leaving a business you have poured your heart and soul into can be stressful and fraught with emotions. We consistently hear variations on:

  • It’s hard to let go! This is all I’ve ever done!
  • I’m uncomfortable - I don’t really know what I want to do!
  • I am just going to take six months off, relax and see what unfolds.

Don’t let retirement ‘happen’ to you. Proactively build a meaningful and rewarding life on your terms. Our Next Chapter RoadMap will pave the way.

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You've Invested in Your Business. Now Invest in Your Future. It's Your Time.