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Networking Works!

It all started in 2001 when…

I got my business cards printed, hung my shingle, and anxiously waited for the phone to ring.   ... And waited.... And waited. Nothing!  It wasn't long before I realized nobody was going to call me until I got out there and started building relationships. 

... So I joined the Guilford Merchants Association and attended their legendary networking events where I watched from the sidelines -- sometimes in horror, sometimes in amazement -- the different techniques used to 'work the room'. After much research and two years of learning what to do -- and what not to do, I wrote Networking Works!

Networking Works! is not about how to talk to people at an event.

It's about how to pivot from 'Transactional Conversations' to establishing  'STRATEGIC CONNECTIONS that lead to 'TRANSFORMATIONAL RELATIONSHIPS'

Our 13 step program gives you all the tools and methodology you need to build an ongoing stream of qualified referrals and get tangible results. It also offers great value for those who are seeking employment or are exploring new career opportunities.  

No matter where your career takes you, a powerful network provides lasting value.

And in Networking Works! you'll gain the skills to dramatically improve your performance, and accelerate your results.

Whether you are a seasoned executive with lots of business experience or a new sales professional ready to take on the world, this program will introduce you to a process that will revolutionize your business.

Want to learn more? Contact Abby: 336.458.9939. 


Kelly Millington, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Junior Achievement of the Triad

Kelly Millington, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Junior Achievement of the Triad

I had the opportunity to participate in the 2017 Networking Works Program and it was the most beneficial professional development course that I have ever participated in. The course content was insightful and has served me well putting it into practice over the past year. I also benefited greatly with the networking that occurred with other course participants. Abby Donnelly used many real life examples that I could relate to and draw my own conclusions of how to put aspects of the course into play as it pertains to improved networking.

I would recommend the Networking Works Program to anyone that is serious about not only improving their networking skills but also learning why you must continually evolve in this critical discipline.  

We are proud to partner with the Guilford Merchants Association to offer this program in the Triad! 

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Register today for Networking Works!

Register today for Networking Works!