Emotions: We love them. We hate them. They get in our way. Just thinking about retirement can be stressful! Who will you transition your business to? How do you equip your successor with all of the tools to successfully carry on your legacy? What are you going to do once you retire? How do you find new meaning in your next phase of life? We’ve often invested 20, 30, sometimes 40+ years in our business. Letting go is an emotional experience and it is important to deal with your feelings. Here are a few tips to keep your emotions in check:

  • Focus on what matters to you most. Investing your time and energy in people or projects that align with your core values can help you stay grounded. Do you draw positive energy from friends and family? Is there a community project you are interested in learning more about or a book you have been meaning to read but have not yet picked up? Pay attention to your personal interests and allow yourself time to process.


  • Forgive me for sounding like your mother, but eat healthy and exercise! Exercise! Exercise! Exercising is the best way to release stress and give you fresh perspective. Just leaving the office or your house to go for a walk can do a world of good … and who doesn’t like being fit? It will prepare you for your next phase of life.


  • Allow yourself to look forward to possibilities and have fun during this exciting time in your life! Yes, the unknown can be scary and excitement about what is to come can be easier said than done. If you allow yourself the opportunity to enjoy this transition time, the experience will likely be a lot more positive for you.

So when your emotions are taking over your decisions and you are having a hard time letting go just remember to breathe, focus on what matters most, look to the future and eat well and exercise!

What helpful tips do you have for keeping your emotions in check? Please comment and let us know!