Butting Heads With Your GenX Successor


There are many reasons you might butt heads with your GenX successor.  Maybe you don’t see eye to eye on how to handle the financials, or they have a new ‘vision’ for your business and you don’t like it, or they just hold their writing pen the wrong way.  As Boomers retire, Generation X (and Millennials) are inheriting their businesses and they have a whole different outlook on life.

According to Retire Retirement by Tamara Erickson some common reasons Boomers and X’ers butt heads:

  • Boomers value individual achievement and recognition while Generation X focuses more on team success.
  • Boomers are competitive and operate on merit-based systems and use money and positions as markers of success.  On the contrary, Generation X does not care as much for competition.
  • Generally, Generation X demonstrates less commitment and less interest in working as hard as Boomers. 

Although you may think Generation X’s way of doing things is crazy -- and to you it may be -- they are the future. Building into your workplace more of the things that get GenX’ers motivated could increase productivity and improve relationships.

How can you motivate your GenX’ers today?