Use Selective Hearing to Your Advantage

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” - Suzy Kassem

We’ve all heard of selective hearing...

I hope the irony of that does not pass you by.

Just because you have heard of it does not mean you are using it to your advantage:

  • Ineffective application results in hiding from reality
  • Effective application results in changing reality

Don’t use selective hearing on what others say to you.

Use selective hearing on what you say to you.

Allow both positive and negative feedback to come to you unfiltered. Hear it all. You can’t control the data. You can however, control how you interpret that data.

In other words:

What other people think about you can’t hurt you; what you think about you, can.

When negative self-speak tries to enter your mind, employ selective hearing. Hear the feedback of others, not the judgment that you pass about yourself.

It’s the difference between self awareness and self consciousness.

How has self awareness fed your dreams?

How has self-consciousness fed your doubts?