Identify Your Core Strength

At the root of it all, what is your most indispensable quality?

If this question gives you pause…don’t worry, it’s supposed to.

The most rewarding questions you can ask yourself are the ones with elusive answers. If you're willing to chase them, you are already on your way to becoming a more effective leader.

Put in the work and figure out what your most indispensable quality is.


If you know what your core strength is – the thing (or things) that come easily and naturally to you, that you can do better than most anyone else – you can develop that strength and be disciplined in using  it to achieve your goals.

Too often, we put attention on our weaknesses, trying to get just a little bit better. Instead, activate your strengths, and results will follow.

When I am working with a client, one of my early objectives is to help them capture this white rabbit. Having a guide to help you navigate down the winding path of self-awareness is pivotal.

Most people have no clue what their “it factor” is.

Simply by knowing yours, you are at a major advantage.

Ask for help. What is clear to others may not necessarily be clear to you.

If hiring a coach is not a viable option for you, get creative. Look around at your resources. Identify the people in your life that you respect, and can trust to give you open an honest feedback. Think of candid friends, colleagues and mentors.

Reach out to them. Ask for their help in identifying your core strength. Most people are happy to share what they admire about you.