Your Company; Your Baby

We have heard it many times before:

Business owners referring to their company as “their baby”.

It makes sense.

When you start your own company, it is a unique expression of you. An expression that you bring into this world, and foster as it grows…an expression that takes a vast amount of emotional, physical, and financial resources.

Great parents ultimately raise their kids to stand on their own two feet one day…

Great leaders should raise their businesses to do the same.

As rewarding as parenting can be, two things can commonly be observed in parents:

  • That undeniable glimmer in their eye when a child-free vacation is being planned
  • That unmistakable pep in their step when their adult child is moving out of the house

Business owner’s, like parents, need vacations during the raising process, and a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to:

The day when their “unique expressions” can function in the world without them and deliver a return on their investment!

Your business may be “your baby”…but it can’t remain a baby forever.

Take a look at your business parenting technique. Are you an overprotective business parent?

  • Do you have a strong enough team in place to enable you to take vacations, or are you trapped in the office?
  • Will your company need to cling to your leg when time to retire?