Retirement Resistance

Why haven’t you started developing a plan to sell your business?

When you are within 3-5 years of your ideal retirement age, the time to start planning is…well…yesterday.

If you are not ready to visualize what your retirement will look like in your mind’s eye, you won’t ever be ready to start planning your retirement in real life.

Having resistance to the succession planning process is natural, and starting is easier than you think.

Step one:  Figure out what is holding you back.

Experience has shown me that the most common roadblock is the not so simple matter of mental readiness.

Yourbusinessgives you asense of purpose and direction in your life.

It is impossible to imagine walking away from that…

unless you have something meaningful to walk towards.

Retirement is not the end of the road…it is a transition to your next great adventure.

Uncharted territory is not as intimidating when you have a guide to walk with you.

Are you ready to have a confidential conversation about navigating your purposeful steps forward?