Build Your Bench Strength

The best teams have:

    baseball team

  • Members with diverse and complementary skills and competencies
  • Who can work together productively to deliver results against an effective strategic plan.

We believe that if you have a great team, they can build and execute a great plan. And if you start with a great plan, you can find talented people who can either make your plan even better, or get aligned and excited about the plan you have. The issue is -- you already have a team. If they are not already a great team – how do you figure out who has the potential to take your business to the next level and get them there!? There are several indicators you can look at:

  1. Competency assessments will provide a clear picture of potential across a range of different critical skill areas.
  2. Style indicators tell you how people prefer to interact with each other and who has natural tendencies to lead, follow and rebel. You can then decide what mix you need and where in the organization you need them.
  3. Measurable results will tell you who can really get things done.
  4. Motivation and initiative will tell you who will push the organization (and maybe you) to higher standards and expectations or leave if they cannot make a big enough impact.

Who do you need to look at in your organization? Who meets or exceeds your criteria? Nurture those strong performers and give them opportunities to learn and grow and you will see the impact in your results.