Admit it…it’s Emotional

Over the years I have worked with many clients as they make the transition to selling their business.

One thing has become very clear: It’s emotional. But nobody wants to admit that.

Emotions are messy and we often view them as a weakness.  We all have emotions and being in touch with them is a strength. Dismissing them, sadly, does not make them go away.

I have seen client after client struggle to maintain the illusion that they are not mentally ready for such a tremendous change.

Mental readiness is a matter of the brain.

Emotional readiness is a matter of the heart.

The heart gets such a bad rap when it comes to business language. It is time we give credit where credit is due. The heart is where dreams originate, and where the courage to follow those dreams is manufactured.

Someone faced with selling their business is someone who followed a dream. Someone who had the courage and tenacity to turn that dream into a reality. It only makes sense that the very place the dream originated will struggle with letting go.