Give Better Feedback

Time to invest linkedin Enough with the 'attaboys'.

Help others know what they are good at with specific insight into what they do well.

Let your colleagues and friends know what talents bring exceptional value worth duplicating over and over.

Many people have no idea what they are good at.


Think about it... it’s rare that anyone truly tells us what our strengths are.

Sure, they say, ‘Good job Barry!’, and it's nice to hear...but what do we glean from that affirmation?

It’s just not clear.

Help them see the strengths you see.  Be on the lookout for the priceless qualities in others around you. Make it a habit.

Being able uncover greatness in others is a rare quality that will not go unnoticed.

So what does it look like when it’s done well?

It changes from:

“Good job Barry!”


“Barry, I was so impressed with the way you were able to quickly penetrate the specific challenges your client faced and build them a financial model that made it easy for them to make good decisions on a much faster timeline with a high degree of confidence. How empowering! ”

Who can you give better feedback to today?