Happy Thanksgetting

Thanksgiving 2016 llg blog photo You may be comfortable with giving thanks…

But are you comfortable with getting thanks?

“Thanksgetting” is what happens when we find ourselves on the receiving end of gratitude.

A few weeks ago I was kicking off a strategic planning meeting with a leadership team I’ve had the pleasure of working with when the CEO caught me off guard:

“Abby, before we start I would like to go around the table and tell each of you what I most appreciate about you, your contribution to our team, and your contribution to our business.”

I loved this idea!

Genuine, heartfelt praise is so meaningful and it is such a rarity.

One by one he went around the table, looked each person in the eye, and gave carefully selected heartfelt, genuine praise to each person in the room.

His words were given as individualized gifts.

That is exactly how we should greet appreciation given to us:

As gifts.

Wow! How powerful! The energy in the room increased as each person took in their praise and savored it.

There were nods around the table as each person acknowledged the truth in the strengths of their teammates.

As you gather around your Thanksgiving table today, pause…and be present.

Take it all in:

the smells…

the laughter…

maybe a bit of  inevitable family drama…

and the awareness of your unique value…and the gift you are to our world.

Happy Thanksgiving!