I’ll Write About Procrastination Tomorrow

clock doc Okay. I’ll be real with you. I meant to start writing this post yesterday.

So why am I sitting here working under a crunched timeline?

Well, because…

I waited.

And why did I wait?

Allow me to answer that question, with a question:

Why, only in the last 24 hours have the pleas of my desktop, closet, and filing cabinets to be meticulously organized… become so darn…seductive?

That’s right – these are the ramblings of yet another unsuspecting victim of procrastination.

…or, the ramblings of the proud new owner of a client filing system that is color coded and alphabetized by middle name, depending on the way you look at it.

Procrastination is nothing more than borrowed time charged on a high interest credit card. It allows us to splurge our time on things that don’t need to be done when we can least afford it.

When the bill comes due we are left with two very undesirable options:

  • Scramble to make the deadline
  • Miss the deadline and pay the penalty

How do we stop procrastinating? Yikes…that sounds like a topic for another day.

Let’s start with identifying the 2 main reasons why we procrastinate – Do either of these hit home for you?

  1. You are energized by the rush that comes from knowing you have to pull out all stops and accomplish something against an upcoming deadline
  2. You are de-motivated by the work you are delaying. The job is big and feels overwhelming, you are not sure where to start, or maybe the work is dull and sucks the life out of you

Knowing why you are procrastinating, naming it – takes away its power and will enable you to move forward. Taking the first step means you are no longer procrastinating… you’ve started!

What project or task do you need to take the first step on today? Go ahead. Get started.