On Your Marks, Get Set, Dig!

The goal of 128 Tips to Make You a More Effective Leader is not to solve your problems in under a minute.

As nice as that would be, it's impossible.  Instead, the purpose of each tip is to clearly mark the ground where treasure lies beneath the surface. Putting in the work to dig for the rewards is up to you. Your hands are going to get dirty, but it'll be worth it.

As you read through this book, pay attention to how you respond to each tip. Your reactions will serve you as well as a metal detector.

The stronger your response to a particular tip, the more likely you are to value what you will uncover.

Sometimes digging will be easier than others. The soil will be soft and inviting.

However, there will undoubtedly be other times when a jackhammer will be required to break through habits, fears, or beliefs that are protecting what lies below.

Dog-ear the pages, write in the margins, and break out your highlighter.

The hunt is on for the “X’s” that mark the spots you care about reaching on your quest to become a more effective leader.