Time for a Change

As humans we are biologically and evolutionally wired to fear change, but change can be a positive thing, especially if you are not happy with your current situation. fear photoMore often than not we stay put when we aren’t happy due to our need for stability. And while there is nothing wrong with stability, there is something wrong with doing something you don’t enjoy as you approach the latter part of your career. So how do you know when it is time to move on?

Being financially stable or gathering experience in order to further your career might be good reasons to keep working at a job that you don’t enjoy, but as you reach the end of your formal career, and your work stops serving your needs it may be time to move on. Here are a few signs to look for when you are rethinking your exit timing:

  • Are you continuing to learn? If you are not being challenged or learning something new and useful most days, it could be time to find a new challenge or move on.
  • Are you working at your optimal level? Your years of experience may afford you a lighter workload, but if you find yourself underperforming or getting distracted too easily you could be bored and ready to move on. Finding or creating something a bit more intellectually stimulating could be the answer to curing these particular blues.
  • Do you feel unappreciated? Oftentimes we feel like we give and give and give but receive nothing in return. If you feel that your employees, your customers, your suppliers are not appreciative of what you provide, it’s either time to speak up or maybe you are getting jaded.
  • Do you get frustrated more quickly with your executive team or key employees? Unfortunately your leaders can make or break your enjoyment. Getting past petty squabbles or a general dislike for someone can be difficult, but if your executive team members are the main stressors in your business, it could be time to move on. And there is no shame in that. Finding a meaningful and rewarding what’s next, where you fit in and feel valued is of the utmost importance. Just don’t forget to give others the benefit of the doubt.

You have the power to take charge and change your life for the better. You know when the time will be right to move on. Finding out what serves your purpose in life is extremely important, and finding an outlet for that passion is what will make you ultimately happy in both your career and your life.