What Happy People Know that You Don’t

cage linkedin Let's take a look at Tip #29 from 128 Tips to Make You a More Effective Leader:

“Anyone can choose the course of their lives, but only happy people do it.”

-  Dan Baker, PhD and Camperson Stauth from the book , What Happy People Know

Choosing the course of our lives is open to all of us, but it requires us to identify and overcome the blocks and fears holding us back.

Don’t hold yourself hostage. Conscious decisions about how to invest our time, money and talents lead to a life fully lived and enjoyed.

Identify what’s getting in your way and make a plan on how you’ll break through. Choose to be happy.

If choosing to be happy were as easy as it sounded, we would all be doing it.

Being happy is hard work!

It requires a sustainable inventory of balance and energy; two things which have become rarities in our busy lives.

Sadly, we often confuse happiness with feeling safe...

so we opt into dwelling in cages that we construct around ourselves.

As safe as these cages may seem, feeling stuck leads to restlessness.

Without rest, the balance and energy required to live happily are nonexistent.

Safety should not come at the cost of freedom.

Remember: the difference between a cage and a home is an open door.

The good news is, if we built our cages, we must also have the keys.

…they have to be lying around here somewhere.