Tip #76: Ditch the New Year’s Resolutions

Leader Tip Template

New Year’s Resolutions don’t work. What does work is creating a new world view. Picture what your life would be like if you could design it just for you. Write down what that looks like as if you already have achieved it. For example, you may write, “My clients have become raving fans, giving me two qualified referrals each week. My business is growing at 30% each year because of their incredible support.” By creating this world view, you can now consciously and subconsciously do the things that will make your picture a reality.

If you want this year to be different, start it differently.

Even if everyone else around you starts proudly shouting their resolutions from the rooftop…

don’t get wrapped up in the hype.

It’s rarely the big broad sweeping changes we make that create the most profound difference. Instead, it’s the baby steps we take, shifting our behavior and putting sustainable habits in place.

It may feel glamorous to tout that this is going to be the year that you finally (fill in this blank with a massive unattainable goal you will give up on by February)…

but why do that to yourself?

Be kind to yourself. Be practical, and set yourself up for success, not disappointment.

Not sure where to start? Go to Amazon and “Look Inside” 128 Tips to Make You A More Effective Leader. Decide what baby steps you will take to make 2016 the year you actually create the foundational habits that will change your life. Breathe, and life LIVE the life you want…one baby step at a time.