A New Lesson in an Old Story

race linkedin We learned this lesson in grade school. Slow and steady wins the race. The hare, a warning against procrastination and arrogance. The tortoise, a calling toward diligence and focus.  There is more to the story. Suppose the hare was able to run fast enough and hard enough in the final moments of the race to tie with the tortoise.  The question is:

Which was better able to enjoy the journey to their destination?

Too often we push ourselves beyond our limits as we rush to get to the finish line. We so thoroughly exhaust ourselves along the way that we are unable to enjoy our victory lap.  If we could learn to pace ourselves we could break the cycle of rush, recuperate, rush, recuperate. We waste a lot of energy, a lot of time, and decrease the efficiency and quality of our lives.

What areas in your life are you missing out on because you haven’t given yourself enough time to enjoy the journey?  Whether you want enjoy the sunset years of your professional career or simply enjoy the sunset each day, it’s time to transform your racing into pacing.