Assess Your Team And Get Full Value For Your Business

currency-value-imageWe know that a strong leadership team is critical to a successful business transition, and we hope you are taking steps to grow and develop the high performers on your team. What else matters? Experts tell us there are up to 25 factors that can influence the value you get when you transition your business. How does your business measure up? If you don’t know and you want a quick and dirty review, we suggest you take a look at Patrick Ungashick’s White Horse Advisors. They offer a free downloadable self-assesment tool that enables you to quickly see how you are doing against those key factors. If you are ready for a more in-depth review, or you are afraid you cannot be objective in a self-assessment, Strategic Advisor’s Valuation Review might be just what you need. You can contact partner George Bachmann for more information. Whichever path you choose, take the time now to find out where you stand. Then build a plan to close the gaps. If you want to reap the rewards of your many years of work, take some time to assess all of the key factors so you can begin making plans today to build the value and get the payout you deserve.

Why is this so important? According to a US Chamber of Commerce study, 75% of owners want to sell their business but only 20% actually sell. Those that do sell often sell for far less than the owner hoped. Get your business sale ready today and reap the rewards!