Identify Your High Potential Employees

potentialOne of the challenges you may face, if you are a business owner, especially one who has invested 20, 30, even 40+ years in your business, is envisioning someone else running your business. Yet one day, if your business is to survive you, someone will. The question is…who? It could be a family member, or a key employee, or it could be a third party buyer. You will still need a strong team to support the new owner. Now is the time to start identifying that strong team.

We recommend you start today by taking a long hard look at your employees and identify those you think can and will choose to play a key leadership role in the company over the next 3 – 5 years. We’re looking for potential -- not just proven results. In most cases, you’ll have time to develop that potential and they’ll have time to deliver proven results. This 30K view will allow you to see broad opportunities you already have access to and the broad gaps that exist. You can more effectively zero in on the critical few (no more than 3 to 10) key people to invest in. These high potentials can make a big impact on your business. Who is on your list?