Drive the Conversation with Great Questions

Stop making small talk by chit chatting about the food and the weather.

It’s not that these topics don’t make for pleasant conversation…there’re just not strategic.

If you are attending a networking event to build relationships, it is wise to go about it strategically.

Assess who you want to meet and why?

Figure out what you want to talk to them about and prepare your questions.

If you're thinking, "Questions? Don’t I want to tell them all about me and my business? I know I can help them!"

Stop right there!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret...

the key to get anyone to engage in meaningful conversation...

the code to uncovering anybody’s favorite topic to talk about…

Are you ready for it?

Ask them meaningful questions about...themselves.

That’s right.

We all love to talk about ourselves. We want to be known and understood.

Yes, even the big Fortune 500 CEO’s.

Showing genuine interest in others enables you to ask better questions.

Asking better questions leads to more intriguing answers.

Hearing intriguing answers leads to increased engagement.

And increased engagement enables strategic listening.

Don’t aim to hear and reply. Aim to listen and engage.

Have an ear for fostering mutually beneficial connections.

What are your favorite questions to ask at a networking event? Which questions do you most like to be asked?