The 3 Elements of Communication

We communicate using words, body language and tonality.

When you are on the receiving end of a message, what element do you think provides you with the most information?

Allow me to answer a question with a question:

Have you ever asked a colleague how their day was going and they replied “fine” in a flat voice with their arms crossed?  You don’t believe them for a second!

Body language and tonality tell us way more about what is truly being communicated in a message than the words themselves. Broken down into percentages:

  • Body Language accounts for 58% of a message
  • Tonality accounts for 35% of a message
  • Words account for 7% of a message

I was recently teaching a workshop on networking, and a participant asked if social media networking was more effective than person to person networking. My Marketing Director responded with:

“If you don’t have an actual network, you don’t have a social network.”

I couldn’t agree more. Think about it. We completely lose body language and most of tonality when we communicate via email, or on LinkedIn. 93% of our ability to communicate the nuances of our messages flies out the window. Computers are a great tool to help share information, but it is not the ideal tool to foster meaningful relationships. There is no replacement for face to face contact with your network.

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