The Logic Behind the Logo

Every owner will exit his or her business one day.

So how do you exit on your terms?

Prepare your leadership team,  and build your legacy  into the core values of the company culture.

Create value in your business.

When that is done well, you can confidently pass the torch knowing the next in line has the skills and strengths needed to take over.

The Leadership and Legacy is built on this belief.

In fact, that is what the birds in our logo signify:

Their organizational structure is elegant, efficient, sustainable, and inspiring.

In flying together in formation, they  leverage the currents of their collective hard work …and enjoy  the journey without having to exert so much energy that they end up missing the majestic view. They follow solid leadership and have the most iron-clad succession plan I have ever seen!

Their example is a true masterpiece in which strategic leadership paints an unforgettable legacy across the sky.

How are your core values reflected in your business brand?