Throw Away Your Head Trash

Head Trash: The garbage pile of false truths and negative beliefs we let hang around in our brains so long that they start stinkin’ up the joint.

When did we become such hoarders?

Some of this head trash is just a nuisance insecurity like, “I have two left feet” or  “I’m not going to try THAT”

Some of it can be debilitating, yet we hold on to it for dear life. Phrases starting with “I can’t…” alert you of something that is “MISSING” or something that is FLAWED beyond repair and yet we find these statements to be fundamental to who we are. They gnaw at us day after day holding us back from reaching our potential, or even just feeling good about making it through the day.

But I’m going to let you in on a little secret: The only thing that is MISSING or FLAWED is the head trash itself. Banish that and you begin to really live the life you are meant to live. Banish that and you not only make it through each day with flying colors, you actually begin to see what your true potential really is.

And that’s not head trash!

What self-limiting belief do you need to dispute to go on and live your best life?